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  • Coverage options that start immediately

  • No hidden quotes or shtick. Full transparency up front.

  • Reach us via Call/Text/Email/WhatsApp


  • Obamacare, ACA, Trump Care, Medicare, Private, Group

  • Children, Teenagers, Adults, and Seniors

  • Short-Term, Long-Term, and everything in between

  • We shop for you assuring you the best policy at the best price


  • Multiple awards for Insurance Excellence

  • Licensed throughout the United States

  • Thousands of policies successfully written.

  • Marketplace Circle of Champions


Since 2017, Herbert Baumgarten and his team have been providing solutions to client’s insurance needs.

Baumgarten Insurance Group Will Help Protect You and Your Family

Our office has helped many thousands of individuals and families throughout the United States and particularly here locally in Maryland. We specialize in health, life, supplemental, disability, auto, dental, travel, and more. We are the recipient of many awards for insurance excellence. We have successfully submitted thousands of insurance policies for our numerous clients. 


There is a lot of misinformation out there on health insurance. Get straightforward and accurate insurance information from an experienced, caring, and honest broker who will answer all the questions you may have.


You will find that our agency is very friendly and we are very easy to reach. We address all the questions and concerns you may have about applying for health insurance. We know you will get the answers to your questions and you will walk out feeling great knowing that we found you the right policy at the best price. 

We will advise you when purchasing a certain policy is the right move, as well as when it is not your best bet. Our services are always completely free of charge. As an independent brokerage, we get paid by the hundreds of carriers that we work with. This means our allegiance is always to you our client and not to the insurance company. Call us today as we take the stress and hassle out of insurance.

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You need an Experienced Honest HEALTH Insurance Broker on Your Side

Purchasing a health insurance plan can be complicated. 


  • Is your doctor or hospital going to be in the network? 

  • Are your prescriptions going to be covered? 

  • Should you apply for a government subsidy? 

  • What happens if your income changes in the middle of the year? 

  • Should the entire family be on the same plan? 

  • Is your employer based insurance the best option? 

  • Are pre-existing conditions covered? 

  • Is Obamacare a good option? 

  • What if you only need insurance for a short period of time?

  • Should you enroll in COBRA?


As your insurance agent, we are happy to answer all those questions and more at absolutely no cost for you. Unlike other captive agencies, Baumgarten Insurance Group is an independent insurance brokerage. This means we are able to search amongst all the different options to ensure you are getting the very best rate and plan. In other words, our allegiance is to you-not the insurance carrier. 


We make selecting a health insurance plan a smooth and stress free process. Since we work directly with all the different health insurance carriers allowing us to customize the best health insurance solution for your particular needs. 


We ensure you are getting the very best rate but at the same properly protecting and maintaining your health. 


Your privacy and confidentiality is of utmost importance. Everything you share with us regarding your health is completely protected. We will find you coverage even if you have pre-existing conditions. 

Your health may change over time but our dedication to you won’t. We keep in touch and do follow up reviews with each of our clients. That way, if there is ever a change in your health and income we will be there for you to update your plan and choices accordingly. 


You should also know that certain brokers are often given incentives like free vacations or cash bonuses if they hit certain quotas with certain carriers or plans. They therefore may be motivated to push a certain company your way even though it may not be the best rate.


That is why it is so important to find a health insurance broker that you truly can trust to help you make the best choice regarding your insurance.

Contact Baumgarten Insurance Group Today to Speak with an Expert Health Insurance Agent

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